What are the benefits of using a Managed Service Provider to outsource your IT department?

Syscom look at 4 of the main benefits of using an external organisation to manage your IT, which leaves you more time to focus on the important things…

1. Reduce IT Costs

IT costs can be significantly reduced when choosing to outsource your IT department with a managed service provider. Initially, it provides businesses with a controlled and predictable spending pattern which allows for greater future financial planning while also frees up additional finance to fund growth within the company. It is also significantly cheaper to utilise a managed service provider than to source your own in-house IT department which ultimately needs hardware, software, skilled staff and other resources to be able to run effectively. Through using a managed service provider, businesses can also take advantage of a reduction in the risk of costly mistakes which lead to network or data issues. These costs are usually the result of poor planning or lack of IT knowledge and come as an unexpected and costly expense to businesses.

2. Compete better

Small and medium sized businesses tend to not be able to afford their own IT department to cover all internal services, with their larger competitors leading the way. Managed service providers allow businesses to level the playing field when it comes to IT which can become a significant advantage to those businesses looking better compete within their existing or even new markets.


3. Access IT professionals

Gain access to years of industry knowledge and experience to boost the driving force behind your IT department. A dedicated and experienced IT team can propel your business through the knowledge they hold, by providing advice and guidance on improvements that could be made throughout your IT department to make time and cost savings or alternatively improve efficiency and processes. Having round the clock access to IT professionals is a significant advantage to businesses looking to continually improve and adapt their IT services.

4. Security

Security is a complex and sensitive issue when regarding business critical data and also sensitive customer data which needs optimised security, round the clock. Outsourcing this aspect of your IT department allows businesses to not only reduce the risk of security threats but also take advantage of not needing to proactively monitor and maintain in house security, freeing up time for other areas of the business. Business can continually capitalise on the latest security features and technology without the need to provide further investments to their IT department. Businesses no longer need to worry about the security of their data when utilising a managed service provider for their company security. 

At Syscom, we can help you with your IT at any point of your journey, whether you’re just starting to set up, need ongoing support, want to develop your infrastructure, or want to be able to access support when needed.


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