V1 launches mobile app designed to manage timesheets on the move

uk distribution centres looseV1, a global provider of business automation solutions, has announced the launch of the V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App. The solution will enable users to manage their time when working remotely, leading to tighter control of resources and more accurate billing.

The V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App is the first in a series of apps to be launched and integrates with the company’s professional services automation (PSA) software V1 PSA.

Time entries can be uploaded via the app, which is supported by the Android and IOS platforms, in real time, regardless of the user’s location, and automatically submitted into V1 PSA as soon as the next synchronisation occurs. It can also be sent to the relevant persons for multi-stage approvals or saved to the handset for future completion.

Businesses operating in the professional services sector, which need to accurately record the time skilled workers spend on specific projects, can maintain up-to-date information regardless of whether their staff are on site or at the office.

All information sent to and from V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App is managed through a secure gateway, with each user protected by a unique pin code, to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data.

Janette Martin, Managing Director of V1, said: “We appreciate that many of our PSA software customers often work remotely, which can be a barrier to meeting specific timesheet deadlines. This can lead to delays and inefficiencies in maintaining accurate records of time and expenses against specific projects.”

Personal timesheet data stored within V1 PSA can be accessed via the app, which enables the creation of new entries using data from past entries. Block,  re-occuring and pre–filled entries from Microsoft Project and Resource Manager can also be managed using the app.

V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App can be configured to allow users to choose the volume of data they view on both a weekly and daily basis. The app also allows users to search and update timesheets via the time entry status e.g. time approved and time incomplete.

Martin added: “The ability to manage timesheets from any location in real time removes the need to be at a desk and enables an efficient and streamlined approach to time management. Customers will be able to maintain up-to-date records leading to more accurate billing, and thereby helping to improve performance and profitability.”

V1 PSA Mobile Timesheet App is the first in a suite of Professional Services Automation (PSA) mobile solutions being launched by V1 and will be followed by apps for expenses approvals, resourcing, reporting and analytics.

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