Unlock hidden business potential with a Business Process Review

A Business Process Review (BPR) looks at how you currently operate and how you manage your key business processes…

According to OGL Computer, it enables you to understand the areas where you can embrace technology to increase efficiencies, productivity and profit margins.

A BPR is a crucial stage of any ERP journey because it highlights how the new system can specifically drive your business forward. By reviewing your current business processes, it can unlock hidden business potential and evidence how your business can take advantage of technology to transform the way you operate to exceed customer expectations, improve employee satisfaction and boost sales.

The BPR is also key to defining the plan for migration, system configuration and user training to enable a smooth and stress-free implementation.


Why a BPR is important

People assume a BPR is just a way to review current processes in order to see if the software will be suitable for the business’s needs. Whilst this isn’t untrue, a BPR could also unlock big business potential.

A BPR is a way to spot opportunities to transform the way you operate by using the new software to unleash and expand your potential. You can use the BPR to highlight how you can overhaul your current processes and digitally transform how you operate to achieve increased efficiencies, productivity and business performance.

Challenging existing processes

At BPR stage, your software partner will take the time to understand your current strategy and your future goals and then begin to challenge your existing processes. Your software partner will use their knowledge of the industry, the latest technology and best practices to work with you to suggest improved management of processes by embracing technology to drive your business to the next level.

Here are the key benefits & tips for success…

Manage expectations & manage the change

Reviewing the current processes will provide a plan of what is going to change, how it’s going to be done and what are the benefits to the business as a whole. You’ll be able to brief departments on the scope of the project and highlight the benefits they’ll notice from the new system. Any change within a business can be met with apprehension but with clear goals, a structured plan and involving everyone from initial project launch, you can manage the change and expectations of the project.

Smoother implementation

Not only will the BPR create a clear plan of action but it’s also a great stage to onboard key members of the team to help drive enthusiasm and support for the project. The BPR can uncover some potential risks and questions from the project but knowing these before go live and implementation gives all people involved the time and resource to map out answers and resolutions.


Senior management commitment

An ERP solution can be only be as good as the user – and by this we mean, if your staff are bought into using and utilising the system early on, then the likelihood of them embracing the benefits of the system will increase. This means full support and buy in from senior management is key as they’ll be the driver across departments to maximise the success of the investment.

Take your time

Some ERP projects take 6 months, some take longer, and it’s important to dedicate the time you need to choose the right solution, the best software partner and ultimately the best plan to successfully implement and achieve ROI on the investment.

Dedicating the time at the beginning of the process and at BPR stage will inevitably save you time and money at the end of the project. Take the time to research products and partners but also dedicate the time to consult with senior management and your teams to really understands the effects and long-term benefits of the project on your business.

Choosing a software partner like OGL Computer, who spend quality time understanding your business before proposal stage with a BPR, will help to ensure the software and the partnership will be a success.


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