Tick tock, tick tock – we’re getting scarily close to the deadline…

In under 90 days, Microsoft officially switches off all support for lots of very popular software, Steve Macklin of Pure IT reminds us…

Not obscure software. Mainstream software that thousands of businesses round here rely on. Windows 7, Office 2010, and a load of server software.

It will reach its end of life. Meaning if it breaks or gets hacked, Microsoft won’t fix it.

Our local research reveals that half of all businesses in Hampshire will be affected.


And we’re scared how many of them still don’t know about this.

Or worse – if they do – they haven’t taken action yet.


The only way round this is to upgrade the software to newer versions. And time is running out to do this. As an IT business, we now only have a small amount of time left before the new year where we can replace this outdated technology.

So please don’t put this aside for 90 days and then have a panic on 30th December. You’ll struggle to find any competent IT company with the capacity to help you.

If you know you have some of this out of date software, or you’re not 100% sure, please take action  


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