The tools to make Health and Safety digital

A new forward-thinking health and safety management tool will ‘revolutionise’ how businesses approach health & safety in the workplace by providing a ‘one stop shop’ for firms.

The online software, launched by, offers savvy business owners a number of tools to help them protect their business.

Helping businesses tackle the required legal documentation they need to stay compliant in their day-to-day operations, the software will allow firms to generate unlimited amounts of crucial documents such as risk assessments, method statements in just minutes.

Red tape paperwork is a time drain on many businesses, and comes with inherent risks such as inaccuracy and problems sharing information between relevant stakeholders.’s software counteracts this with seamless document generation, which allows users to generate unlimited accurate, professional assessment documents in just minutes. Saving 1000s of hours a year.

Additionally, the software will provide users with other health and safety tools such as a handy training planner and record keeping tool. This will allow businesses to easily track employee training, a breath of fresh air for businesses who dread the headache of updating multiple employee training records.

The software’s extensive library of common legal documents ensures firms are using the most up-to-date versions of documentation, to avoid accidental non-compliance. online secure software has the following key simple to use tools that every user gets unlimited access to:

Risk Assessment generator, RAMs Generator, COSHH generator, Task and action planning, Training planner and record keeping, Legal library, Accident and incident reporting, Document storage.

Business owners looking to cut costs will be relieved to hear that efficient H&S software doesn’t need cost the earth – with costing businesses just £39 a month for unlimited use. Mark Hall, spokesperson for, said:

“Efficient, robust health & safety processes are a fundamental aspect of many businesses’ daily operation, and we firmly believe that by making it simpler for firms to complete this work we can help them operate more effectively overall.

“There’s no need to compromise on the accuracy of your health & safety documentation with’s tools – but the ease with which you can create new assessments, update your training records, or fill our accident reports means that businesses can focus their time on what they do best, knowing everything is taken care of.

“No longer is health and safety software burdened with high costs and imposed limits, we need to ensure that all UK businesses have access to simple to use tools to make the work place and environment safer for all.

“We know businesses want to save money where they can – but that they also want to remain compliant. Our software is showing that you can do both.”

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