SYSPRO ERP ‘amplifies’ growth for TSL Products

SYSPRO ERP amplifies growth for TSL ProductsFst growing broadcast equipment manufacturer, TSL Products, is expecting to significantly reduce administration times, improve the accuracy of business critical data and better meet shorter lead times, after investing in a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solution from K3 Syspro.

The company’s new SYSPRO solution will replace a legacy accounting system, which was supported by manual spreadsheets and struggled to support the company’s manufacturing processes. Together with SYSPRO’s built-in Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module, the new solution is expected to help the company reduce the risk of material shortages in production and eliminate human error throughout every facet of the supply chain.

Terry Boon, Operations Director at TSL explained: “Our previous system did not fully support our manufacturing processes and we became increasingly reliant on human guesswork and product knowledge in our planning. As we grew as a business, the risk of error also grew, especially with the number of products and level of business that we currently manage. SYSPRO’s MRP functionality reduces this risk, while maintaining our ability to deliver to promise with short lead-times, which is essential if we are to remain an industry leading organisation.”

TSL Products designs, manufacturers and markets a range of broadcast equipment workflow solutions that serve to simplify operations within the television broadcast, cable, satellite, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and IT industries. The business is already on an impressive growth path and has experienced a four-fold increase in output levels over the last five years. As the company aims to expand to a £10 million business over the next 2-3 years, it sees the integration of data through SYSPRO and the benefit of having just one core set of data updated in real time, as key to future growth enablement.

Terry Boon continued: “It was clear to us from the start that SYSPRO is a very scalable solution, capable of supporting future business growth. With our previous system, we had become reliant on separate external data sets and this made it difficult to obtain critical information and analyse data. With SYSPRO, we have a single source of data updated in real time. The integration of data is key and will enable us to become less dependent on spreadsheets and significantly increase the accuracy of our data.”

It’s not just for production control where SYSPRO will be helping TSL Products to maintain a competitive advantage. As the company has grown over the last five years, so too has its services and the levels of customer support that it provides. A key feature of SYSPRO ERP is the toolset it offers the business with serial number tracking and fault logging, which will enable TSL to provide greater customer service and access information quickly when dealing with customer enquiries.

Terry Boon explained: “The serial number tracking and support interfacing that SYSPRO will provide us with is strong and seamless. It will allow us to instantly check a product for its warranty details by its serial number, and find out the age of a product and its history in order to satisfy any support requirements. Previously this was all held in a spreadsheet and our support team would have to come out of our accounting system and into the spreadsheet to find out the age of a product. Now, this has become part of our shipping process and all the information is held in SYSPRO as standard, saving our support team a lot of time and enabling us to respond more quickly to customer enquiries.”

TSL is expecting to go live on the new system in March 2016 and Terry said that the company was confident it had found the right provider in K3 Syspro: “K3 Syspro was a perfect fit for us,” he added. “The company has a great track record in manufacturing and a product that has a strong interface and matches our intended processes. Everyone in the business likes the look and feel of SYSPRO and finds it very intuitive, which will help us speed up the adoption process and quickly start using SYSPRO to provide the foundations for future business growth.”

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