Stroma Certification builds for the future with BIM Certification

Leading certification body, Stroma Certification, is announcing their aspiration to support the construction industry in achieving compliance with Government requirements for Building Information Modelling (BIM) with the launch of a new BIM Certification scheme and BIM Foundations training course.

BIM has been gaining an increasing resonance within the construction industry. Stroma’s new BIM services have been designed to upskill project managers and the supply chain to understand the principles and practical application of Building Information Modelling. Their BIM Certification scheme provides formal certification to contractors, subcontractors and businesses with project management responsibilities; the BIM Foundations training course provides an overview of BIM theory, the roadmap for BIM integration and advice about how delegates can become certified.

In 2016, the Government made BIM Level 2 a mandated standard on all projects funded by the Treasury. With over 50% of all UK construction projects being for the public sector the onus was immediately placed on the industry to comply with the new requirements. Stroma’s BIM Foundations training course will instruct candidates on their particular responsibilities during the planning, construction and operational phases of an asset to achieve BIM compliance.

BIM doesn’t just represent a challenge for the construction industry; it also offers a number of potential benefits to building owners, contractors and the rest of the supply chain. Chief amongst these is the creation of a central store of data about any asset which allows all parties to contribute information in a common format. This enables clarity and reliability of information at all stages, increasing efficiency and reducing project costs. For many construction industry businesses, BIM Certification and Training will allow them to compete more effectively in the industry with potentially very positive effects on their bottom line.

Stroma Certification is an award-winning certification body for the construction and energy industries. They have been developing certification and training for a decade in order that individuals and businesses have the skills and experience to thrive. In August 2016, Stroma was named Certification Body of the Year by the National Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards, an accolade which recognised the company’s commitment to adaptation in an ever-changing industry. The launch of BIM Certification and BIM Foundations training is testament to Stroma’s ability to evolve in order to provide opportunities to their members and the rest of the construction industry.

Matthew Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, said: “BIM truly represents the future of the construction industry. The Government mandate means that it should be at the top of everyone’s agenda who wants to be competitive on construction projects funded by the public sector. Stroma Certification has a responsibility to prepare and educate the industry about these changes and our BIM Certification and training services offer an affordable and accessible route to compliance via our expert team.”

Applications for BIM Certification and BIM Foundations training can be made online via the Stroma Certification website.

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