SMBs: Is your future in the cloud?

Lola Damon, Consultant, Azzure IT answers the question…

It has been a common misunderstanding that the cloud has been only created for enterprise level businesses. For small to medium businesses, the added-value that an organisation gains, when adopting a cloud infrastructure, is a great market-place equaliser.

Smart Microsoft Dynamics solutions are practically achieving the goal of an enabling smaller organisations, with a limit to resources, to compete with enterprise level competitors. In fact, due to empowering technology and their operational scale, SMB’s are often more versatile – adapting to market changes and responding to opportunities faster than counterparts. The speed of deployment, flexibility, scalability as well as the versatility of subscription models are just a few of the benefits of cloud computing.

Today, small to medium businesses are increasingly looking to the cloud as a favoured method of implementing and building a software infrastructure. In a recent survey by IDC, early–stage companies were shown to be the most eager buyers of cloud services, forecasted to increase their spending on cloud, by 24% during the next few years (IDC, worldwide SMB public IT cloud services 2014-2018 forecast).

Deploying cloud technologies (in areas such as financial management and accounting, enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management) can also be integrated seamlessly with Office 365 productivity tools. It’s not by mistake that small businesses with growing revenue are 50% more likely to prefer cloud IT delivery. (IDC, worldwide SMB public IT cloud services 2014-2018 forecast).

– Connects familiar collaboration tools
– Perfect for organisations that see regular changes in demand – scale up and down
– Give employees the ability to work with mobility
– Makes it simple to deliver joined-up business processes across departments
– Simpler and lower cost than supporting and upgrading on-premise systems
– Modular, pay-as-you-go pricing is better for controlling costs
– Delivers integrated, single-view, real-time reporting

Any business that wants to grow, will reach the point where they need to unify their end-to-end business operations. This will deliver a paradigm shift in productivity, business intelligence, mobility and financial control. The use of cloud technology is swiftly helping businesses achieve this vision, delivering real advantage. Microsoft Dynamics, supported by Office 365, in the cloud, can help a small to medium business grow and match this with profitability.

– Supplied with Office 365 collaboration and productivity tools
– Microsoft Azzure cloud hosted
– Familiar Microsoft interface-less training
– Intelligent analytics and reporting
– Proven, secure and scalable platform
– Available anytime, anywhere, any device
– Start with what you need – adopt apps as you go
– Microsoft Gold Partner support and training

Azzure IT sells and deploys Microsoft business software solutions. The software can run a business end-to-end from initial enquiry, sales, resource planning, distribution, customer service, project management, financial management and more.

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