Small businesses are often a big target for cyber criminals

Especially working at home, you’re a target says Pure IT’s Steve Macklin… 

And because SMEs tend to lack the security measures of larger corporations.

In fact, hackers are targeting all businesses, all the time, using clever automated tools.

With this in mind, is it time you step up your business’s security measures?

I’m not suggesting you need to take things up to an MI5 level.

But weak or non-existent security should be very high on your agenda to improve. Here are some areas to look at:

1) In your workplace, use a firewall to keep your network secure.

2) Make sure everyone uses a different password for every application. And ensure they are randomly generated.


3) Use multi-factor authentication across the business (this is where you generate a code on your mobile to finish logging in).

4) Backup your data so that you don’t lose it should the worst happen.

5) Even if you only have a couple of employees, make sure they’re trained in cyber security.

6) Wash your hands. No, wait, that’s a different kind of virus…

You can see, there are a whole host of things you should be utilising to protect your business.

If you’re preparing to start moving back to the office soon, you might want to check out our video on preparing for the move.

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