Quat-Chem are to broaden control with Access MRP

Functionally-rich-system-for-Tileflair-300x225Chemical manufacturers Quat-Chem Ltd are to enjoy strong and secure growth with the implementation of Access FactoryMaster. The firm is keen to benefit from a broad improvement of their customer relations as a result.

Omar Chowdhary, IT manager for Quat-Chem Ltd, explains: “We are proudly ISO 9001 certified and have enjoyed significant growth since our move to our new units in 2011. Now we have taken on new, large customers and require Access FactoryMaster to allow us to revamp our systems by being fully auditable and having everything under one roof.

“With Access we have a much better, flexible system. We are looking to move away from the inflexibility of our previous system and to have a solution which grows and adapts as we do. This is something that is important to us as both our firm and technology develops.”

Omar continues to elaborate on the new processes available with FactoryMaster: “We chose Access because they provide us with excellent traceability with the entire FactoryMaster system. We also have a great relationship with the team, we believe we got the best value for money compared to other solutions.

“With reporting at our finger tips, such as looking at our top 50 customers, or even customers who have been quiet for some time who often get overlooked, we can now ensure that we deliver excellent, tailored customer relations thanks to FactoryMaster.”

Resources and costing against works order, will enable Quat-Chem to see where processes may need changing, via the data capture terminal. Live order tracking is in place, to see exactly how far an order has reached that will enable them to make stronger, more informed decisions, as well as detailed stock reporting to make purchasing a lot simpler.

Omar concludes: “Overall Access FactoryMaster is an excellent piece of kit! Quat-Chem look forward to working with the friendly and helpful staff at Access to improve our business and have our systems at a high quality standard to reflect how well the business is running. Not only are we looking forward to using FactoryMaster, but we will be able to give even better services to our customers.”

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