Quark Enterprise Solutions warns of high cost of small mistake

Confidence misplaced about accuracyAdidas has recently faced criticism over a typo in its advertising, mistaking Colombia for ‘Columbia’. As a result, Twitter followers went into uproar, and the company was forced to recall the graphics and install new versions.

An error in content can cost businesses millions of pounds, leave customer relations in tatters and reduce the credibility of the brand’s future messages and offerings. To tackle these types of mistakes, Quark Enterprise Solutions is advising companies to automate much of the creation, management and publishing of content, thereby significantly reducing the chance for human error.

Gavin Drake, vice president of marketing at Quark Enterprise Solutions, says: “Errors happen regularly. Perhaps not always publicly, but the consequences can be catastrophic. The reason is simple: a lack of rigour and control in the content lifecycle driven by inefficient and outdated processes. If you do not have a single source of truth for your content and instead rely on manual processes, it’s inevitable that mistakes will happen. Factor in the pressure of consumer demand to get the right content at the right time on the right device and you can easily see these dated processes no longer work.”

Content Automation helps organisations transform and streamline the lifecycle of business-critical content. The approach helps businesses avoid mistakes and ensure content is compliant and kept up to date. By embracing automation, subject matter experts move from authoring documents to creating reusable content components. This enables content – whether it be text, graphics, data, charts or interactive media – to be created once and reused everywhere. Content Automation eliminates copying, pasting, rekeying, multiple duplicate review cycles and more, so organisations can be confident in the quality, consistency and accuracy of content delivered across PDF, Web and mobile formats.

Gavin Drake advises: “By introducing content automation, businesses can give themselves the peace of mind that their company isn’t at risk and can avoid disaster before it’s too late.”

Quark Software Inc. help large organisations streamline the creation, management, publishing and delivery of business-critical content. Solutions automate the process with reusable Smart Content components that can be dynamically assembled and delivered with precision in any format and to any channel — web, tablet, mobile, print, and more. As a result, leaders in industries such as finance, manufacturing, energy, and government can reduce costs, save time, improve consistency and make their content brilliant.



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