Pegasus launches Pegasus Web Xchange with Payroll Self Service

New platform improves data access, lowers HR costs and empowers employees

Pegasus Software has  announced the availability of its Pegasus Web Xchange with Payroll Self Service. Based on new browser based technology, Pegasus Web Xchange represents a secure, easy way to access Opera 3 on any PC and tablet at any time. Payroll Self Service is the first application to go live on Pegasus Web Xchange and will empower employees to access their payroll information from a central portal. As well as providing greater flexibility, payslips can be accessed online – saving £7000 in administration, postage and stationery costs, over three years for a typical company employing 500 people.

Fully integrated with Opera 3 Payroll & HR, Payroll Self Service enables employees to securely view and manage their personal data such as holiday entitlement and payslips at any time, on mobile devices over a web browser. In turn this removes time and cost from HR processes as well as providing a better HR service to employees.

Depending on the permissions assigned to employees, they can access information such as their personal details, photograph, contacts, education records, bank account information, absence details, and holiday entitlement. Permissions can be adjusted easily according to groups or individuals at the click of a mouse.

“Pegasus Web Xchange represents the future of how businesses will integrate their Opera 3 accounting and business systems with the web,” comments Stuart Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director, Pegasus Software. “Payroll Self Service is the first application to go live with others to follow as part of a phased deployment over the next two years. We will be choosing discrete areas of the product that lend themselves to retrieving information over the web. This will improve accessibility of information both inside and outside of the business.

“Through allowing employees to access information online, Payroll Self Service empowers employees and delivers major time and cost savings to HR departments. The ROI associated with payslip management alone is vast and represents a win-win for organisations striving to innovate, improve service and cut costs.”

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