Life After Lockdown – A New World of Business  

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we now operate in day-to-day life, including in the business world. Agility has become key for businesses, now realising that it’s important to be equipped to react quickly to their customer’s ever-changing needs.  

Supply chains and order frequencies change at a rapid rate, impacted by a  variety of factors such as a larger volume of smaller orders, longer supplier lead times, and customers wanting to hold lower stock levels. Having the tools that allow your business to deal with the supply chain effects in a post-COVID world is an integral part of being able to keep business operations running smoothly.  

Not only that, but changes to the physical working environment have forced us to change and adapt the way in which we work, too. Hybrid working – a  combination of working both in the office and from home – has become the new norm for many companies, which presents an entirely new set of challenges in itself.  

Ensuring your staff members can access accurate, up-to-date information remotely with the ability to share and collaborate with co-workers is one of the most important tools required to be able to work effectively from home.  

Having business software solutions such as ERP and CRM systems that are used throughout your business, accessible by everyone regardless of their location or device is key. This enables you to have a single, central point for all your business data, allowing all members of staff access to the latest versions of information as well as real-time updates on customer activity in order to make quick and informed decisions.  

Digital transformation has taken a huge step forward both during and post  COVID-19, meaning that it’s vital your business adapts to and embraces new technology trends to ensure you are able to thrive in the new world.  

Everything should integrate and work seamlessly together – from taking a  phone call and recording details in your CRM platform, receiving an email for a  customer order that is automatically created as an order in your ERP solution,  right through to dispatching the goods and sending the customer delivery updates.

Today’s new world means businesses need to be more agile, faster-paced and able to use up-to-date digital technology to power their business. With the help of ERP and CRM solutions, adapting to the everyday changes that the new world brings has never been easier.

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