Kukri Sports (part of JD Sports Group) put their business efficiency in to the hands of Openda

JDsportsOpenda, the specialist supplier of ERP software for the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industry, has announced the successful implementation of their QX System into Kukri Sports. Kukri (a part of JD Sports Group) is a major international sportswear supplier with 11 companies across the globe. With over 6 million design options, their clients have a vast portfolio from which to choose.

Kukri has ambitious growth plans and therefore undertook a comprehensive audit to identify the type of software solution that could work for them in order to fulfill these plans. It was at this stage that they identified the benefits of implementing an ERP System. Having spent time evaluating in excess of 15 suppliers, Kukri drew up a shortlist consisting of Openda and a second established supplier.

Barry Johnson, Project Manager explained: “We felt there was a need to create a project scenario where we could fully understand the ins and outs of each ERP system we shortlisted. It was important to evaluate them both in a working scenario. As soon as we advised both clients of our plans it was incredible how different each approach was. We honestly thought that the multi-million pound business would blow us away with their innovation and superior product offering, but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

“It was Openda who showed true innovation, they immediately understood our needs but most of all their QX solution was far superior to anything else. It was intuitive, had exceptional functionality and was chosen by every member of staff involved in the project trial. In our eyes it is Openda that should be the multi-million pound business.”

Being in the highly competitive SME ERP market, Openda realised very early on that in order to compete successfully against the well-known industry brands they had to have an efficient approach to their business offering.

They value strong client relationships above everything else. For Openda it is important to understand that their customers require a highly personalised service based on mutual trust, accountability and flexibility. Companies also want a high quality, technically capable product that fits their working environment, all of which Openda delivers. Thanks to a superior product and a business-led, customer support focus they ensure that their QX software is an asset to their customers and not a barrier to their growth.

Johnson continues: “It was our staff who were most vocal in their selection of the ERP system. As soon as the final demonstrations had been completed we were overwhelmed with the feedback of how simple, yet incredibly functional the Openda QX system was. The decision was unanimous, we all wanted to install QX.”

Openda’s QX software ensures that all aspects of a business are trackable, measureable and controllable through a fully integrated system. Their vision is to provide a big brand experience while maintaining the unique benefits of a small company’s approach to customer service.

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