IQTimecard helps businesses enable flexible working for parents during school holidays

cost vs customerSchool holidays can be a difficult time for working parents, as well as HR directors, as the rising cost of childcare causes an increase in holiday requests from those that are needing to look after their children in between term time. In order to cope with the people management struggles that present themselves at this time, allowing parents to work from home can ensure that their tasks are completed and shifts are still filled, rather than requiring them to take holiday days that result in a disrupted workflow and gaps in the rota. Using a remote workforce management solution, such as that from IQTimecard, is an easy way for businesses to facilitate flexible working for parents during these busy periods.

It can be difficult for a working parent to juggle both their professional and personal responsibilities, especially during the school holidays when their children are in need of supervision. A report from The Family and Childcare Trust revealed that in 2015 the average weekly cost for childcare last year was at an astonishing £228, demonstrating the motivations for parents to request time off to care for their children rather than paying for an external child minder. With a flexible working policy, parents can still care for their children in their own home or can work the hours that suit them in order to fulfil their professional duties whilst also keeping their children safe.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said: “Whether it is the summer, Christmas or Easter holidays, the dates in between term time can be challenging for businesses and working parents alike, struggling to cope with the increasing demands for holiday request that are bound to arise. This can lead to many office being largely understaffed, or employees feeling frustrated when their requests for time off simply cannot be granted.”

Lynes continued: “A flexible working policy can solve these staffing problems, but in order to facilitate this the right technology is needed. IQTimecard was created to solve people management issues, and businesses can use our time and attendance solution to streamline employee scheduling, manage timekeeping and integrate payroll to make managing a remote workforce simple and effective.”

When using the innovative app-based software from IQTimecard, users can log as they arrive to and depart from a shift at the touch of a button. This data can then be viewed by management in real-time in an online dashboard. Using the app, staff also have access to a 7 day overview of their expected working patterns for clear communication between each flexible worker and their management team.

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