IQ Timecard helps business owners embrace the move towards working from home

person-at-workAs the modern workplace continues to restructure itself, more and more people are asked or are choosing to work from their home environment. Employers wanting to embrace the trend of remote working can enjoy the vast benefits that this move can bring without losing control over their staff with remote workforce management software from IQ Timecard.

It was revealed that as many as 4.2 million people were working from home in 2015, with this number continuing to grow into 2016. With promises of a more flexible day and a better work/life balance, this move is popular with many members of staff. Without physical presence at an office or workplace however, business owners who are considering implementing a more remote workforce may be concerned over the level of trust that is required in successfully running such a system, to ensure workloads and shifts are still completed as expected. Failure to have full and clear insight into the actual working patterns of those who operate from home could result in companies wasting money on paying for hours that were in fact not fully completed.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says: “More and more both employees and employers are discovering the benefits and advantages that being allowed to work from a home environment can bring to them. Many companies who are already offering staff the chance to work outside of the office environment are even reporting increases in overall wellbeing in their workers, which in turn increases productivity and the standard of work that is produced for their employers. This move towards a remote workforce really is looking to become a common occurrence in the future, but understandably some managers have their drawbacks at offering such flexibility.”

Lynes continued: “We urge any company who is worried about keeping control over their workforce whilst still allowing remote working to try out our real-time workforce management system today.”

The software available from IQ Timecard allows for a clear overview into the arrival and departure times of an employee. The information gathered by using the workforce management software can be logged in real-time on any tablet or smartphone, providing accurate information into the shift pattern of a worker every time, no matter where they are.

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