Experts’ Pearl Cloud helps companies streamline their processes

Uploading documents from laptop. 3d illustration.

‘Clouds’ have become a mainstay of modern living. As a result, many can seldom remember a time before files, photos, videos and other documents were available on a cloud. Yet despite clouds offering countless benefits, sometimes a more personal and tailored approach is needed for businesses.

Pearl Scan, the document scanning expert, has underlined the importance of clouds in the modern business world, highlighting its positive effects when it comes to productivity, and has also touched upon its own cloud offering, emphasising the increased benefits when it comes to security.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said: “Virtual clouds have increased in popularity over the last few years. As the reliance on technology has amplified and paper documents have become increasingly seen as outdated, the business world is rapidly gearing towards a paperless system. And clouds are at the heart of that.

“The rise in the paperless movement and the increased reliance on digital documents has brought many benefits to businesses. Not only has it helped them to streamline their processes, and consequently, given businesses a boost when it comes to profits, but has also helped expand their offering to customers.”

Clouds have been hailed as an invaluable addition to businesses. They allow companies in all sectors to view, edit and save information on the go, from wherever they are; whether it be customer data, business statistics or even lists. Not only does this help when it comes to responding to customer queries, but it can also ensure that information given is accurate. However there is always a risk that this information can be accessed by those it shouldn’t be. But not with Pearl Scan’s added security procedure.

Pearl Scan’s innovative Cloud takes cloud storage to the next level, allowing businesses to access their crucial information whenever, wherever – all with the added peace of mind that access will only be provided to those who are meant to access the information. The cloud is customised for the organisation, with the scanning company handling all business’ needs thanks to each employee being assigned a unique user ID for secure logon. Not only does help to prevent sensitive information being accessed by people it shouldn’t, but it also reassures customers that they can rely on the business with their information – something incredibly important at a time when hacks and information leaks are happening more and more.

Naveed, added: “We have seen first-hand what impact security breaches have on businesses, and we are dedicated to helping them overcome that. And our Halogen Cloud is just one of the ways we are supporting businesses from the ground up.”

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