Estimating in the cloud from Easy Price Pro

Estimating in the cloudThese days you’d be hard pushed to find an adult (or child for that matter!) who doesn’t have some sort of device that lets them get on to the internet – from PCs, iPads and Macs to mobiles, laptops and tablets. We’re all at it and it’s no wonder why; being able to access information any time, any place, anywhere makes life easier and, when you’re running or working in a business that doesn’t involve sitting behind a desk Monday to Friday, it is often essential to your livelihood.

Producing job winning estimates and quotes and ensuring that the work lives up to them is a big part of what keeps those who are in construction away from their desks. Whether it’s meetings with prospective or existing clients to discuss the work, being on site when the job’s underway, sorting plant and materials with suppliers, scheduling the trades, managing the paperwork or other pressing items from home or wherever you happen to be when most people have stopped for the day… How much easier would it be if the quote or estimate that all of this work and your business hinges on was there with you?

Now, with the recent launch of Easy Price Pro – In The Cloud it can be. If you have a device* with an internet connection, all of your estimates and quotes can be created and managed using their accurate, easy to use professional software.

With affordable monthly subscriptions and no lengthy contracts to sign, you can have 24/7 access to all your estimates and quotes – by simply logging in to your online account from the internet enabled device of your choice. You might alreadysee the advantages ofdoing your estimating “in the cloud”but belowis a quick summary.

– There’s nothing to install or set up, it’s ready to go when you are!
– It works on any internet enabled device; PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, tablet and most mobiles*
– You can create, view and adjust quotes from anywhere in the world, on any device and – if you have the owner’s permission – the device doesn’t even need to be your own!
– There are no tie-ins or big financial commitments, just an affordable monthly subscription
– You will always be using the very latest and best version of the estimating program as your subscription will include updates, upgrades and the Iron Support Pack
– There’s no need for extra licenses as you can access your estimates in the cloud on any device – whether you’re at the office on your PC, at home on your Mac, onsite on your i-pad or down the pub on your phone
– No need to purchase any additional software such as Microsoft Office Excel, Word or Adobe Reader everything you need is there on the Cloud
– There is literally nothing to lose –everything is securely stored and saved at two major locations in the UK so if your computer gets stolen or gives up the ghost, you know that your estimates are safe.

*Some mobile devices are not supported & due to the screen size of a mobile they are best suited to viewing the details of quotations that have been created rather than the generation of quotes.

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