Cornerstone launch advanced searchable website for Construction industry

The site will bring the construction industry’s projects, people, products and businesses together to provide an effective marketing platform, a database of searchable building information and a digital record of who built what.

Cornerstone is an open-source website where companies and individuals can create online portfolios showcasing their projects, skills, experiences and products. Users can add building projects to the map or edit existing projects with specific technical details, pictures or trivia.

Users are also invited to inscribe their name on to the Cornerstone of a project, informing the world ‘I built this’. By adding this information they become easier to find in a fragmented market whilst also creating a useful archive of building information, the likes of which does not currently exist.

Visitors to the website can also search the database for specific information such as; what major building projects are planned near them, which buildings in London have more than 30 floors, what offices are rated BREEAM Excellent and which products or companies were involved.

Tekla acceleratesCornerstone Co-Founder Andrew Link said: “Whether you are an Architect, Engineer or Builder everyone passes by buildings they were involved in and says with a great sense of pride ‘I built that’. We aimed to create website which would allow people to record this online to show friends, family and colleagues. We also wanted to make that same information useful to the construction industry as a whole by placing it in a structured searchable format.

“I don’t think I’m the only person in the industry who will have driven their family around to look at projects they’ve been involved in. I once drove my parents from London to Norwich to see a shopping centre I’d built, hopefully this website will save other families from similar excursions.”

Cornerstone is a free to use website. Premium services will be introduced in January 2015, however, anyone who joins before the end of 2014 will receive Premium Services free for life.

Cornerstone was first conceptualized by Andrew in 1999, who whilst at Nottingham Trent University, was inspired to join a company based on the fact it was listed on a cornerstone located at the Theatre Royal in the City.

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