Constructa gives FK Group freedom to grow

start your journeyFK Group is a national full building envelope contractor, specialising in roofing, cladding, glazing and maintenance across a diverse range of sectors.

Working on a variety of projects from upgrading existing buildings to complex large scale new build projects, the company supports its clients from the early design stage, to construction and onwards throughout the life of the building.

The company has achieved significant growth over the last three years and operates with around 120 staff from five offices in the UK in Manchester, Doncaster, Birmingham, London and Romford. The rapid growth and expansion of the business brought with it the challenge of improving finance and project management systems to achieve more control and consistent reporting across the business.

After considering a number of different products available on the market, the company chose Constructa from Castle, built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform as the best solution to meet its needs. Daniel Halliwell, IT Manager at FK Group, said: “The main driver for change was the need to introduce more effective, efficient reporting across all areas of the business. We had come to a point where the business was operating with three different systems for accounts, projects and cash value reconciliation.

“When we looked at the options available, Castle’s Constructa product was the best product by far and really worked ‘out of the box’ for us.

“There is excellent workflow throughout the system for forecasting on jobs and the QS can check status immediately, rather than having to request accounts, as happened in the past. Costs can be instantly and accurately monitored and managed throughout the lifetime of a project.

“Constructa for Dynamics NAV drives every department from a cost point of view and has provided the freedom to grow the business with confidence. We have seen a significant increase in productivity as tasks that used to take two or three days to process are now completed in a few hours. There have been significant efficiency savings, with a 3% saving on material costs since the introduction of the Procurement Workbench element of
the system.

“Castle demonstrated a good understanding of our needs and had a very structured approach to the implementation with a detailed project plan that identified every step of the process.

“Their project manager was fantastic and I could call him at any time of day and he was always ready to help us, ensuring that the implementation was smooth and the system was up and running to meet our needs.”

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