AutoLogic launches new Layout3D modelling software

Construction industry can benefitAutoLogic Systems Ltd. has introduced Layout3D software from Emulate3D to enable users to build layouts and create video drone-like presentations from existing catalogues or by importing CAD files.

Layout3D creates accurate and realistic looking 3D layouts of a wide range of automation equipment, including production lines, warehouses, distribution centres and baggage handling systems.

Existing 3D CAD of company equipment can be imported via many widely used CAD formats to create company-specific reusable catalogues. Once a model is assembled, pathways can be set for the cameras to follow and a 3D video is produced. You can also build catalogues of standard material handling equipment which you drag and drop to assemble your layout.

Andy Parsons of AutoLogic Systems says: “This is a great piece of software that generates great 3D video presentations. If you then want to then run or test the videos they can be imported into Layout3D’s sister software packages Demo3D, Emulate3D or Sim3D.”

AutoLogic Systems is the sole UK agent for Demo3D software and other leading packing, loading, materials handling and transport solutions.

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