All Systems Go as Thermaset Launches new ERP system

Winman ThermasetPowder coating specialist Thermaset Limited has completed the overhauling of its business infrastructure with the installation of an ERP software system linking all departments for enhanced efficiency and communication.

The new upgraded technology is the first stage in a major capital investment planned by the company to include the redevelopment of its research and development facilities to accommodate a training school and showroom facility. More development details will be announced later this year.

Thermaset Project Manager Claire Jennens commented: “Given our expansion plans it was the right time to introduce a more powerful and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to cope with an ever expanding customer base, rather than to bolt on more elements to the existing one.

“The system is ‘future-proof’ for many years ahead and will further enhance the customer experience that we are able to offer. The next stage in the implementation process will be to roll out the WinMan Go app to our sales reps out on the road later this year. This will allow them to access detailed customer information and to record and download relevant information during site visits speeding up the decision making process.

WinMan Advanced ERP systems, based at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham, installed the new system which utilises their own ‘off-the-shelf’ ERP software, designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Claire commented: “It went ‘live’ on March 1 this year and has exceeded our expectations. We worked with the implementation manager from WinMan to make some modifications to the software package to fit our working and processing needs. The system provides us with a complete ‘end-to-end’ process and the ability to expand it as the company grows. The cost saving and efficiency benefits that are already accruing from this system are significant. The ERP software enables us to communicate with all departments from the back office. It covers all aspects of CRM, distribution and stock control, financials and manufacturing; and we are able to access detailed analysis of all aspects of the business.”

Graeme Brummitt, Director at WinMan, believes that the intuitive nature of WinMan coupled with its inherent flexibility makes it an ideal solution for growing companies like Thermaset.

He comments: “WinMan ERP software is designed to support manufacturers and distributors in optimising business processes. It is a configurable ERP system but it has a range of enterprise class functions such as CRM, Warehouse Management, Financials and Production Management that make it an ideal solution for organisations in the SME sector. WinMan’s integrated warehouse management system – within the ERP software package – enables complete visibility and management of inventory. “We now have the ability – at the click of a button – to check the progress of a customer order and see exactly what stage it is at and when it is scheduled to go out for delivery. This enables us to plan and organise our resources in order to ensure standard stock products are available, any ‘non-stock’ orders are met and that we provide a first class service that can be monitored from customer inquiry through to fulfilment.”

Claire commented: “Implementation of the system began in September 2015 and was completed on time at the beginning of March this year. Staff received ‘in-house training from the Thermaset project team over a four week period and quickly got to grips with the new system and the feedback from them is excellent. We undertook a rigorous tender process at the outset and, following presentations from a short list of companies, selected WinMan. They greatly impressed us and sealed the deal after we undertook a site visit to one of their customers which convinced us they were the right company for us.”

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